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Is your purpose clear?

Caught up in the concept of purpose is the idea of determination, struggle, courage and ultimately, volition. The purpose is a key component in the hero's journey. It is finally the drive that makes Hazel into Hazel-rah, Luke Skywalker into a Jedi Master and you into the last state you ended up in after your last transition. Parent, Entrepreneur, Leader. Or if purpose goes wrong: saboteur or villain.
Innovations fail when teams lack a common purpose. Over the 15 years, we have seen a lack of shared vision or purpose cost organisations millions of pounds. Conversely, when a team flocks around a shared purpose, learns how to craft goals and gets into a flow, they can work creatively and productively.
Here at Stable Teams®, we have three approaches under the heading of "Whyfinding". Check them out to explore our solutions in more detail or read about Whyfinding in the Stable Teams® community and app.

Purpose for me


Purpose for my team


Purpose for the enterprise


Do you have the type of people you need?

In a world with the expectation of instant results, it can be hard to embed a culture of mastery.

Consider the "soldier-first" principle and why lean and agile concepts contain the secret to autonomous, high-performing teams.

If you don't have time to build mastery then you can hire one of our Maestros to buy you some time!

We even help you recruit your Stable Leadership Team now as well.

In between we are also happy to help you design your ways of working via the "X" way or provide agile training to your teams before a big programme starts.

Become a Maestro


Build Mastery


Hire Mastery 


Are your teams stable, high-performing and autonomous?

Creating a Stable Team® takes time.  In the age of the great resignation, it's particularly challenging.  However, we can help you retain, re-train and restructure your teams for productivity and team motivation.

On the flip-side, if this is something you are passionate about as an HR professional, check out the Stable Teams® residential.

Become a Stable Teams® Practitioner


Test your team's cohesion


Review your organisational design  


Are you creating a productive environment?

The Covid-19 pandemic taught us that where we work matters.  That is; if we are in the office, then it needs to be safe, provide a sense of place, provide connection and motivation.

We are busy working on our orientation packages and so please bear with us while we build them for you.

In the meantime, why not book a call with one of the team to be the first to try new solutions.  We have a few team away day packages brewing!



Virtual Space


Physical Space


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