3 ways of exploring purpose

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Corporate Whyfinders

Purpose crafting
Product Propositions
Change Management
Digital Transformation
Lean Portfolio Management


Team purpose
     OKR Crafting & Tracking
Product Management
Internal Communications

Individual Whyfinders

Individual purpose crafting
Goal setting and tracking
Career coaching
Life coaching
Mentoring in Entrepreneurship, Tech careers, C-level job hunting, Wellness
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Explore your organisation's "why" - explore your own "why"


A purpose is an imperative that is almost beyond our volition and yet we have to choose whether to follow its path or not. I may have a calling to be a mother, a teacher, a fireman or a monk. The implication is that my volition is somewhat taken hostage by fate. However a purpose is something within us (almost from the start) that we need to actively decide to follow, take up the challenge or leave behind.

Caught up in the concept of purpose is the concept of determination, struggle, courage and ultimately; volition.
Purpose is a key component in the hero's journey and is ultimately the drive that makes Hazel into Hazel-rah in Watership Down, Luke Skywalker into a Jedi Master and you into the last state you ended up in after transition. Parent, Entrepreneur, Leader. Or if purpose goes wrong: saboteur or villain.

Innovations fail when teams aren't aligned around a common purpose.  Over the 15 years, we have seen a lack of shared vision or purpose costs organisations millions of pounds.  Conversely, when a team flocks around a shared common purpose, learns how to craft goals and gets into a flow, they can work creatively and productively.

Here at Stable Teams we have 3 approaches to purpose which collectively we call "Whyfinding".  See above for an explanation of each solution or check out all of them directly below!

Whyfinding Solutions

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