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OKRs are the drivers behind your transformation.  However, don't just dive in.  Each team needs to go through a process of truly understanding their purpose and mission first.
What direction is your business or team going in?  Understanding your direction and purpose is vital.
The best companies have a clear mission.  What's yours?
Work with the business on the top level OKRs and support each team to create OKRs linked to their mission.

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What's does it cost?

You can buy a series of OKR training sessions for between £1 - 5K per person or else hire an OKR coach for around £850 per day.
Why choose us

Explore the best OKR package for you

  • Self-serve via There Be Giants
  • Establish purpose first
  • Integrate with your Agile Transformation through us
  • Set your mission

Why do I trust you with my OKRs?

Our partners have worked on Transformations at Executive level and understand the pitfalls and value of OKRs.  We also work with a partner who specialises in this field.

Who are your partners?

We work with https://therebegiants.com/.  So why not just pop on over to them?  Well feel free :-) However, if you want a more holistic approach to OKR implementation to support your transformation then you should stay within the Stable Teams Framework.

How do I get started?

We'll start with a discover session which you can find here.
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