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Formerly known as "Magic Milestones," explore the capabilities you need to bring technical products to market.

#1 Permanent Hires

Gain permanent capability when a gap forms in your team.

#2 Engage a Maestro

Hire a temporary resource to plug gaps in your team or to instigate change.

#3 Create agility

Grow your own capabilities through our Maestros Academy and solutions.

#4 Hire a graduate

We train and pay them, you gain their expertise.  After 18 months you can choose to hire them.

Choose your journey

As a leader it is imperative to stay focused on the productivity capabilities of your team.  At Magic Maestros, you can buy them in, create mastery through training or invest in a larger transformation exercise. >>

Alternatively, become a change agent in your own right by applying for Maestro status.  Maestros have access to a great network of opportunities and additional benefits.  We also have permanent consultancy opportunities for those wishing to build their experience without the risk of a freelance career. 

Maestros Solutions

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What our clients say

We went from something like two launched features a month to now, somewhere between 30 - 50
joe eldridge, CTO (Previously Talk Talk) NOW MASABI
“The number one benefit has been to raise the profile of our investments and roadmap to the board and put the decisions around investments back in the hands of the business.
STUART PAGE, CIO of Global technology (BBC Worldwide) now at BBC Studios
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