Mastery - The Leader's Guide to High-Performing Teams

Once a team knows the direction of travel, they need the skills to get them to their destination.  In this deck, we explore the "Soldier First" principle, how you can set up your team for success by ensuring the team have the mastery required to deliver your vision.  Beyond this, are the processes and habits a team need to take ownership of their own flow and productivity, with cards around Kanban, Scrum and Holacracy elements, these cards are a great starting point for any team looking at ways of working.
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Steph Chamberlain

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Steph established Agile Consultancy Magic Maestros in 2007. Since then, she has overseen approximately 70 agile transformations. Personally, she coached the inaugural Agile team at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Jaguar Land Rover, and also spearheaded the initial Agile project for the National Apprenticeship Service.
In this deck, the Stable Teams® consultants have collaborated to share the secrets behind their success. Drawing from a range of diverse toolkits, they serve as guides to broader resources while also being valuable resources in their own right.

Leaders Guide - Card Deck

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