We manage change the human way

We approach change management in a unique way.  We put your staff at the centre of your transformation or change.  We carefully architect the programme, help you construct the key messages and create a core team of champions.

System Implementation

We help you get a grip of the projects in your change programme.


We structure change programmes and link them to your strategy.

Branding and Communication

We take care to brand the change, set up the communications plan and manage the programme for ultimate success.

Win hearts and minds

Our approach puts your staff at the centre of the change and empowers them to control their own destiny.  This enables buy-in and limits resistance.
Out team

Meet Some Of Our Change Agents

Steph Chamberlain

Founder & Partner
Steph specialises in Transformation for tech companies or digital transformation for non-technical companies.  Recently Steph joined the Exec of dunnhumby and set up a 3 year programme.

Emerson Scotland

Whyfinder Coach, Change and Programme Manager
Emerson is a certified coach and a project manager by trade, now specialising in supporting employees through change.

What our students say about us

His questioning has challenged my thoughts and the impact has been significant. I became more impactful in my current role and opportunities for development flowed towards me, I have been asked to consult on a large project for example. I would highly recommend working with Emerson if you are looking for a personalised approach to coaching and want to make long lasting shifts in your thinking to improve your future.
— Juliette Sexton
Emerson is a fantastic listener (and very humble with it) and extremely empathetic. He has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions at the right time without being judgemental or disrespectful. Life waits for no-one. If you want to be your best self I whole-heartedly recommend Emerson’s coaching
— Kristina Sutton
Chris explained the concepts really well in detail with good examples. Refreshed my memory and clarified all of my doubts.
— Khwaja Moinuddin

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