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The Workshop Card Deck

If you are building new teams, coaching an existing team or even putting one back together, this pack is for you! Access the benefit of 16 years of transformation experience from the Stable Teams® Crew by purchasing these physical workshop cards and accompanying digital version.  For a limited time gain a 3 month subscription to Substack included.  Gain the benefits of invitations to our online and in-person "work as destination" venues, and access to Stable Teams course content on this site.
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Instill Purpose, Mastery, Belonging and Provide Orientation

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Skip the heavy-duty reading by having these techniques explained and at your finger tips.

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Experience the benefits of having these concepts in your hands and sharing with others.  

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Use the cards as actual playing cards and stimulate discussion at team away days by playing with them.

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Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies.

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The Workshop Card Deck

Take a stroll down memory lane, recalling all those family walks or walks to the pub with friends. Can you think of any that unfolded exactly as you had envisioned? There's almost always a surprising turn of events, isn't there? Well, maintaining a balanced team is akin to steering a ship on steady waters. The "wheel" serves as your compass, indicating where to direct your focus to uphold team equilibrium. However, its effectiveness truly shines when paired with the accompanying frameworks, tools, and techniques. You'll find these valuable insights on these cards, though they're not exhaustive – just a helpful nudge towards the subject you might want to consult next.

This wheel embodies a perpetual journey, much like the unending task of repainting the "golden gate bridge." Once a cycle concludes with your team, you're right back at the beginning, but you can be sure that something has changed since you set things in motion. Just like an impromptu detour on a family, or pub walk, maintaining team stability demands adaptability and readiness to confront new challenges as they arise. Even if that’s just finding the strength to cycle home!

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