Steph Chamberlain

How did you get to this career?

How did you end up doing the job you do now?

Did you just “fall into it?”

Most of us did.

However, do you care about your job? Shall we find out?

Do the following exercise for me..

1/ Download this app Prioritise me

2/ List all the causes you care about in Prioritise me

3/ Then Prioritise them in the app according to what you think right now

4./ You should end up with a list of prioritised causes ranked according to how important you think they are

5/ Now ask yourself.. are any of those causes even vaguely related to the job you do now?

If the answer is “no” then you may well have fallen into your career. You may feel that you lack some purpose in what you do. You may have trouble getting out of bed to go to work.

This is because you are lacking a critical ingredient of human endeavour. Passion. Without passion for something you are doing a job. If you have passion you are living it.

If you are living it you are hardly working at all.

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