Steph Chamberlain

Herding cats?

If your organisation is “herding cats” then the chances are that your alignment may be off. Many organisations have a strong sense of why that breaks down from the strategy to the implementation phase. The key is to focus on the communications and ways of measuring progress.

Team Purpose

Find out how to set your team’s purpose in the first place by linking your strategy to outcomes


It’s an over-used term and you may have some already knocking about. However, do your staff really know how to use and implement them? Through our trusted OKR partner we bring over 10 years of practical implementation.

Lean Portfolio

Our Lean Portfolio Solution contains everything from dashboards to big picture planning. Through our dedicated service line, we have experience ranging from rapid scale-ups to the UK Home Office.

Product Management

Product management is at the heart of getting stuff done. We have the training and coaching options to take those bright ideas and get them technically implemented. Through our Leaders Now service we uplift your capability so that commercial meets technical with spectacular effects.
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