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Homo sapiens need others to survive.  
It is a competitive advantage to surround oneself with others; in most human societies, it is a matter of life or death. Research suggests that a human child requires resources provided by multiple adults, almost certainly more than two young parents. For example, a recent study of two groups of South American hunter-gatherers suggested that each couple required the help of an additional 1.3 non-reproducing adults to provide for their children. Thus, middle-aged people act as an elite group of skilled, experienced super-providers on which the rest depend.

However, these issues of belonging can also be severe in the workforce. Feeling ostracised can affect people's performance and, at worst - their mental health.
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According to Owen Eastwood in his book "Belonging"; a chain-reaction of inclusion results in a cocktail of hormones that would make us very happy indeed. From dopamine to the natural, love drug oxytocin; belonging is not just pleasant, - it's addictive. p.22 - 23 Eastwood, 2021.
Belonging traditionally offered us physical protection as we were part of a family and a wider tribe. However, there is evidence that it was looking after a deeper part of us too.
By contrast, being excluded, can be very bad for our health. Not only due to a lack of care that others will show us in bringing food and providing resources. Recent studies suggest that an absence of belonging is dangerous to our mental health and even increases our chances of cardio-vascular disease. https://heart.bmj.com/content/102/13/1009
Belonging is one of the most powerful human emotions. This is why we start the Stable Teams® programme here.

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