One goal, four pathways

Introducing Stable Teams®

Our Mission

Our mission is to create:
  • Stable
  • Committed
  • Autonomous
  • High-Performing teams 

wherever we go.
We do this via the Stable Teams® framework which consists of:
  • A guide for establishing mastery and building a culture of learning and curiosity
  • An approach to setting and linking, purpose and strategy together
  • Tools and techniques for group behaviour change
  • Tools to optimise your team's environment
    What's more we offer, "Maestros" who can add capability whilst also embedding change.
We "eat our own dog food"
We pride ourselves on practising what we preach and run Stable Teams as a Holacracy which is a flat-structure with a strict method of governance over policies and roles. We are also very proud of our gorgeous office locations that provide our clients with something special. We try to make working with us feel more like a holiday. Given we are on a mission to change work for the better, we like to start with our clients first and work out from there.
Why  us?

Why Work / Study with us?

We've been delivering tech projects and programmes for the world's most prestigious organisations since the early 2000s. The Stable Teams framework is based on data over 5 years, working with clients on high profile products to prove that those techniques work across all contexts.  Increasingly, we see our clients getting at least 12% increases in productivity, a measurable uplift in team happiness, reduced restructuring costs and less internal politics.  We are also investing in the next general of technical leaders through the Maestros Academy.  Sound good?  Check out the path of the Liberated Leader as a starting point.

Meet the Operations Team

Alex O'Leary
Maestro Maker / Account Manager
Steph Chamberlain
Founder & Partner
Hamish Robinson
Growth Hacker
Qualified Stable Teams practitioners
Created as Magic Milestones
Transformations completed 

Trusted by prestigious brands

Our approach is trusted by those that are new to Agile as well as those paving the way in terms of innovative ways of working.
  • 96% of course attendees would recommend us again
  • Outside IR35 resourcing
  • Prestigious and luxury based location
  • The #1 Course to establish Stable Teams
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Most teams fail due to a lack of direction.  Help your teams set purpose, mission and OKRs
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A team will fail without the right skills, processes, behaviours, habits and people to make it happen.
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Team dynamics, roles and responsibilities and org design.  We help you with all three.
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As a leader, you should be spending most of your time ensuring that the environment for your team is right.

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Team Coaching

Virtual sessions that integrate with the team's heartbeat help to provide focus for highly strategic teams.

Roles and Responsibilities

We help your team to create role boundaries, establish ownership and policies for management.

Learn as a team

Allowing your team to learn and grow together boosts their motivation and outputs as they work together.

Team Retreats

Integrate wellness, team building and team bonding into your quarterly planning sessions.

Transformations are easier team by team.

Why trust us?

We have 16 years and 100+ Agile Transformations under our belt.  Having consulted on the first Agile Project for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Jaguar Land Rover.

Teams come to us when they want to develop their own ways of working and their own framework, rather than blindly following those of other businesses.


"The work we did with Stable Teams was invaluable in leading us to think through an entirely new way to structure our team, making our team stronger, more flexible and hopefully more able to meet challenges head on (even Coronavirus!). "
Lara Burns
Chief Digital Officer
The Scouts
"We went from something like two launched features a month to now, somewhere between 30 - 50." 
Joe Eldridge
CTO at Masabi
“All sessions ran remotely and were hugely effective despite being offsite. Our productivity gains were 12% and our teams are much happier as a result.”
Steve Williams,
Chief Technology Officer,
Corporate Markets, Elsevier

Frequently asked questions

Where do I start?

We offer a number of different learning paths, which you are invited to read and choose the one that better meets your needs. You can start from your jouney or you can start from any problems you may be experiencing.  However if you need any advice or clarifications, we are at your disposal at any time.  We suggest you start with the path of the Liberated Leader.  Just search for "leader" in the course section.

Which Coach will I get - do I get to choose?

We have a total of 5 coaches in house – we will suggest someone at the outset that is best suited to your needs.  We also have a group of associate mentors if you need a further specialist.   You will then have a chance to meet and some extent "try out" the coach to see what insights you can gain. 

Is everything you do IR35 compliant?

We have permanent coaches and at times we do draw on our list of suppliers.  Every supplier has to complete an SDS before the assignment begins and the outcome is insured for all parties.

What's a Maestro?

A Maestro is our name for consultants.  People who are either freelance or permanent and provide consultancy services to you via working with us.

What's a Fellower?

The name "fellower" is a combination of the word "follower" and "fellow".  We believe that followers are an out-dated concept and that everyone needs to learn to lead and to follow when required.  As such, we concentrate on the building of both these skills in our courses and coined the term "Fellower" to refer to an individual who is of this mind-set.

What is a Liberated Leader?

Many of you will have heard the phrase "working in the business not on the business" when an entrepreneur or business person complains that they do not have time to work at a strategic level in their business due to all the fire fighting.  Whilst sometimes this situation is externally driven, there are things that a leader can do to become "Liberated" enough to forego the day and to day and let the team take the reigns.  We believe that in doing this not only does the Leader make themselves happier but their direct reports as well.

Where does the concept of a Stable Team come from?

In football and health care the term is often used to denote a team where the core members remain the same.  The opposite of a Stable Team is called "teaming" where a group of people have to gather together at short notice (and with little pleasantries) in order to attend to an emergency or priority.  For instance in a hospital during COVID-19, teaming was rife due to rising numbers of sick staff and the need for others to step in.  Stable Teams are proven to lead to better results due to the fact that team members can "second guess" each other and can be both trusting and also less worried about delivering feedback.  Sport's teams such as the England Women's Football team during Euro 2022 broke the usual protocol by keeping the same 11 players for most games and only substituting when needed.  This was widely regarded as a strategy that won the cup.

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